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Spice Girl

"Spice girl"

Article published in Explorator magazine on 11/29/18, by Céline Coubray. After working for a few years in the communication and marketing sector for high-end brands, Roxane Rajabali moved to Luxembourg and launched a new spice brand: The Spice Collection.  The young woman, originally ...
Les Épices de The Spice Collection

The Spice Collection

By Florence Dupin , Fines Bouches. 11.2020 Roxane Rajabali is a young entrepreneur who started a gastronomic adventure a few months ago: selling Malagasy spices. Roxane, originally Indian, Roxane grew up in Madagascar in the region of Tananarive. At the age of 18 she left her native land to...
The 8th Continent

The 8th Continent

Article published in Delano, N ° 73 | October-November 2020. "I’m honored to have been given the opportunity to talk about my beautiful country Madagascar in this interview! With our brand The Spice Collection, we want to make you discover the beauty of the country » Roxane Source: ...
Roxane Rajabali: "Je suis ma première cliente"

Roxane Rajabali: "I am my first client"

By Sarah Braun on November 21, 2018, Women magazine.As we know, many women start their companies while pregnant. Roxane Rajabali is one of those women. Sensitive to eating well and vigilant about the quality of the products she consumes, she found in Luxembourg the perfect place to create her s...