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Une épicerie pas comme les autres. Découvrez la Mère Brazier

Discover Épicerie Comptoir Mère Brazier

Our spices just arrived at Mère Brazier :)

Épicerie Comptoir Mère Brazier was born from the common desire of Mathieu Viannay, double starred chef and MOF, and Gilles Demange, founder of the world pate-crust championship, to revive a mythical place, to find a friendly place combining gastronomy and tasting.

Indeed, they wish to revive the famous grocery store, the "porte pot" held in 1921 by Eugénie Brazier, a key name in Lyon's gastronomy.

Thus, they offer to the gourmets a vast space of tasting and sale of fine and home-made products. Organised around different counters, the Comptoir Mère Brazier grocery store offers gourmets sourdough bread, homemade charcuterie with succulent pâtés, mature cheeses, the best of delicatessen products and many other products made by the store's chefs.

A place that leaves room for culinary magic, sharing and experience!