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Roxane Rajabali: "Je suis ma première cliente"

Roxane Rajabali: "I am my first client"

By Sarah Braun on November 21, 2018, Women magazine.

As we know, many women start their companies while pregnant. Roxane Rajabali is one of those women. Sensitive to eating well and vigilant about the quality of the products she consumes, she found in Luxembourg the perfect place to create her spice brand: The Spice Collection. 

If there was only one thing to remember about your career, it would be?

My professional experience at the Hyatt Hotel where I worked with chefs who were truly passionate!

What is your greatest pride?

The creation of The Spice Collection brand: it's an incredible adventure, no matter the outcome.

Do you have any regrets?

None, and even if I went through difficult moments that I could have avoided, I learned from these experiences!

What made you decide to go into entrepreneurship? 

I wanted to create the first brand of spice that was committed, fun and of high quality. And I am my first customer! Being an entrepreneur also means doing things that are similar to ours: I have ecological and environmental projects that I really care about. I was able to make them real through this project.

From jewelry, you came to the hotel and catering industry? Why such a change?

Life is full of adventures and new opportunities. I spent my childhood in Madagascar, a country full of natural resources. I grew up with spices and cooking became a real passion... Then I worked in the luxury hotel industry, which taught me a lot, but I knew I would not stay there. I wanted to go back to the basics by committing myself to a project that suited me better.

Why do you think Luxembourg is more conducive to entrepreneurship?

I already think of the organizations that accompany us such as the House of Entrepreneurs hip, La Fuse etc. It's also a smaller country, so we feel closer to our customers.

The hotel and catering sector is known for being rather masculine. Doesn't that frighten you?

No, not at all, on the contrary, I have another approach that interests the chefs I work with. I'm thinking of all the women who have launched or taken over very nice concepts in the restaurant business: Stéphanie Jauquet of Cocottes, Christiane Wickler, founder of the Pall Center shopping center.

What are your assets?

My multicultural profile, my professional experience.

What have you learned from your experiences?

You have to give yourself the means to succeed.

Is management different for men and women? 

No, the issues are a little different, but the challenges remain the same.

What qualities should a good manager have?

Adaptability, recognition, organization.

What are your projects ?

To develop our range of spices with Luxembourgish spices. To create a real community where each member can exchange, share, discover, and learn about world cuisine. To finance even more forestry and agroforestry projects in partnership with local communities in order to preserve the fauna and flora (lemurs in Madagascar...) in countries with which we work such as Vietnam, Malaysia, India, and of course Luxembourg. (Campaign to save nature, biodiversity, forests, realization of national projects...)

What advice would you give to women who wish to become entrepreneurs?

Get settled, get organized, hang on, surround yourself and go for it!

Photo credit: ©Julian Benini

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