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Spice Girl

"Spice girl"

Article published in Explorator magazine on 11/29/18, by Céline Coubray.

After working for a few years in the communication and marketing sector for high-end brands, Roxane Rajabali moved to Luxembourg and launched a new spice brand: The Spice Collection. 

The young woman, originally from Madagascar, has always paid special attention to spices. "I realised that it was very difficult to find quality spices, and that the spices that are sold are usually from suspicious mixtures or packaged in poor hygienic conditions", explains Roxane Rajabali. As she didn't find the products she was looking for, she decided to make them herself and created The Spice Collection two years ago.

With the help of her family in Madagascar, she selects local producers who grow quality products. "In spices, you find everything, the worst and the best. By working directly with the producers, I ensure the quality of the products, the production conditions and the ecological respect of the plantations." For spices that can't be produced on the island, she works with other suppliers, recommended by the chefs she's had the opportunity to work with.

With the help of a graphic designer, she created a "fun and contemporary" packaging, in aluminum boxes, a material that perfectly preserves the flavors of the spices while being environmentally friendly, since it can be 100% recycled. "We even thought of making labels that can be wiped off with a sponge," says Roxane Rajabali.

Several collections

To help spice lovers, she creates several collections within her product line: "The must have", which is neither more nor less than a series of spices that every household should have at least in its cupboard, a collection of peppers complementary in their taste and use; the "Mix in Love" collection, which consists of already prepared mixes to accompany vegetables, meat, fish or burgers; and finally, the "Travel in Mind" collection with spices from far away like curry, colombo... A total of 27 spices are already available, but some new flavours are planned, including local spices such as savoury.

On the retail side, these products are available at Emo, Thym Citron, Luxembourg House, The Apothecary or in the Cooking Art workshop. To learn how to cook with spices, The Spice Collection is partnering with local businesses to organise cooking classes. A recipe blog is also in the works. Moreover, for each box of spices purchased, a tree is planted.

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