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Certified spices

We take particular care to select spices of very good quality, in compliance with social, moral and environmental standards.

Our spices are natural, without preservatives, flavour enhancers E621, nor E551 and have a sea salt content within the standards (less than 15%).

Our mixtures are inspired by the treasures of nature and are elaborated in a specialized laboratory. They are regularly submitted to analyses by the Luxembourg Healthy Safety Department.

For some of them we have the Vegan certification.


Strong eco-friendly commitments

Our containers are 100% recyclable and endlessly recycled.

The containers contain 60 grams of spices (18 teaspoons).

We favor European providers, from the manufacturing of our containers, to label printing, and we stay under a perimeter of 1600 Kilometers.

We try our best to reduce waste as much as possible in all steps in our supply chain, to the preparations of the orders for our customers.